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1. Investing 101: Introduction

Investing is how great wealth is built, and it’s not just for the wealthy. Anyone can get started with investing, and by using the simple principles taught by the greatest investors in the world, including Warren Buffett, all but guarantees your success. True investing takes time and great patience – it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If that’s what you’re looking for, this is not it.  

This series will help you understand what investing is, what it looks like practically and how the “miracle” of compound interest works. It will also cover some of the building blocks you need to get started, and also give you insights into how the financial industry works and how it’s structured for you to lose money when traditional investing routes are taken.

When you’re finished with Investing 101, you’ll be equipped with the awareness of how the financial industry works and be able to make a more informed decision in regards which direction you want to take with your finances. You can continue your investing journey by checking out our resources such our beginner’s video series, top 5 reading list and more!